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Art of Hatice - Welcome to my Artistry!

I am painting since my childhood.

During many satisfying hours and studies I taught myself all the techniques I am mastering today: colored crayon, India ink, carbon pencil, pastel, water color, oil paint, gouache, and acrylic.

Starting with realistic, life-like art, I am more and more approaching the realm of abstract painting as well. In doing so, I am thriving to let "the artwork flow through myself", i. e., I am allowing the image to emerge from the rationally unaccessible realm of spirit without any influence of my own. I view myself as a channel for artwork, allowing my paintings to descend into this world through me as their instrument. It is my desire to let „art itself“ create artwork through me, thus harmonizing contemplators with their inner and outer world and in this manner heal them.

I am pleased to present you a small collection of my works here on this website.
If you like my paintings and would like to buy one or want me to paint one especially for you, please just send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I am also looking forward to receiving proposals or constructive criticism.

Copyright notice: Of course all paintings/photos presented throughout my website are my intellectual property and therefore protected by international copyright laws. If you would like to use any of them for your own publication, please ask for my permission – an email will be adequate.

Have a good time browsing through my website and watching my paintings!

Finally, here´s a tip for you: You can enlarge any image presented on my website by clicking on it - except for the one below ;-).